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Below services are comprehensive elements of
The Soul Program.

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Our Team
  • Dr. Nader Attalla, Family Physician 

  • Dr. Tae Ahn, Family physician 

  • Dr. Amina Wahbi, Family Physician

  • Dr. Mehwish Hanif, Family Physician

  • Dr. Magdelne Leung, Family Physician

  • PCN Psychologists

  • Private Counselling

Mental Health Wellness Seminars

After initial intake appointment, we can refer you to our regularly scheduled seminar.

  • Hosted Biweekly by our Mental Health Physicians 

  • Interactive Educational Maintenance Therapy

  • Exploring Root Causes of Mental Illness and Addiction.

  • Teaching Common Therapeutic Tactics and Techniques (CBT, DBT, 12 Step, Yoga Meditation & Mindfulness,  Boundaries, Co-Dependence)

  • Destigmatizing Mental Health Issues and Addiction

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Group Support Therap

After initial intake appointment, we can refer you to regularly scheduled group support therapy. We will place you in a group with care and consideration to your situation, with similar individuals, where we think you will fit in well

  • Biweekly and weekly

  • Addiction and mental health groups

  • Study CBT, DBT, Educational Books

  • Supportive Environment Including Check-ins

  • Addiction Relapse Prevention

  • Destigmatizing Mental Health Issues and Addiction: you are not alone, your problem is not abnormal

Individual Counselling

After initial intake appointment with one of our physicians , we can refer you to the correct resource including:

  • Individual Counselling through our one of our physicians

  • Our PCN Mental Health Nurse

  • Other Physicians within our network and clinic

  • PCN Psychologists

  • Private Counselling

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Corporation: Schedule a Presentation

We are happy to provide customization corporate wellness education during the times which work best for you (lunch hour, full or half day sessions). Common session topics include:

  • Effective Critical Thinking

  • Mindfulness and Relaxation, Self Care

  • Finding Flow: Cooperation with Others

  • Destigmatizing Mental Health & Addiction

  • Manage Stress: Physical, Psychological, Social, Spiritual techniques

Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer or become involved, please let us know.

  • Physicians interested in learning about mental health, hosting the soul program, or joining us

  • Space available for hosting large seminars

  • I would like to volunteer! Media editing, etc.

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